SCS Automation and Control Ltd was established in 1997. A Systems Integrator for Rockwell Automation, and Copley Motion products focusing on high quality motion control solutions for the food, inspection, packaging and manufacturing industries. Our aim is to fit in with the customers requirements, at any level defined by the customer. Click on any picture below to enlarge, or appropriate links to discover more about the application.

Rockwell Automation – Motion Integrator

Using the Rockwell Automation Kinetix approach we have successfully automated a wide range of processes, interfacing to existing hardware, or developing new hardware solutions to meet new needs. We can also pick on a number of other suppliers to provide the best solution for any project.

Let SCS Automation help you achieve Operational and Energy Efficiency with Intelligent Motor Control.

Increased manufacturing costs and increased competition have made it a business necessity to improve your overall operational and energy efficiency at your manufacturing facilities. You can accomplish this by using Rockwell Automation® Intelligent Motor Control solutions to monitor and protect your motors, enhance motor performance and make your motor systems more reliable and easier to use.

With electric motors as the driving force behind most production output, improved motor control performance and motor efficiency means greater overall production efficiency. The technology behind Intelligent Motor Control — including variable frequency drives, intelligent software and networked motor condition monitoring devices — is capable of providing you with both an immediate and measurable impact on energy use and operational efficiency.

Custom made linear actuators

Example here shows a twin motor or a common rail, both capable of running independently.  Applications include adjustment of optics, gripping systems requiring fine torque control and gauge alignment. Available with linear encoders with resolutions down to 0.1um, or without encoder, using built in analogue halls – 6.5um.

Sticky tape unwind unit

Sticky tape un wind unit

In conjunction with our mechanical build partner, an unwind unit for handling stick packed tape and present to a process machine. This unit provided tension control to prevent over stretching the tape and feeding into a lazy loop system.

Pressure Tester

Pressure Tester

Pressure testing module for charging a Unit Under Test with up to 120psi of air pressure. Any leaks are observed by monitoring  air flow after a preset charge time.

High Speed Linear Actuator

Developed for a leading encoder manufacturer to demonstrate their range of linear encoders at high speed. This demonstrator controls two linear motors on the same rail up to speeds of 10M / Second, with a 10um encoder.

Fast Feed Changer

An Observatory with a 25 m fully steerable antenna has a diverse range of applications.  Originally designed as a sensitive receiver for radio astronomy and radiowave propagation studies, it has subsequently also been used as a weather radar and a satellite ground station.  Only one feed can occupy the focal point at a time.  A cabin at the focus houses the feed as well as the receiver front end.  Each application requires a different feed arrangement.  To maximise the use of the antenna, SCS designed and built a 4 head Fast Feed Change System. Based around the Kinetix2000 system and linear slides.

Copley Linear Actuator Flying shear

System to cut product on the move using two Copley linear actuator. Running simultaneous electronic CAMs linked to a encoder mounted on the in-line conveyor system.

High Speed Eddy current and vision NDT machine

AutoInspec machine for presenting components under test to be inspected on the inside using eddy current techniques, and linescan vision techniques on the outside.

High Speed Component sorting with vision inspection

Third party equipment can be specified, sourced, procured, and developed. Here is an example of a twin lane bowl feeder, feeding a 120ppm, with sorting and selection using twin Checker Cameras. Multiply parts can be selected using control lines on the camera. Below is a video sorting components using more traditional methods.

EMC Test chamber

EMC Test chamber

EMC Test Chamber. The chamber is a metallic room of about 8m x 4m x 5m, a paddle was constructed from Aluminium Plates fitted to a shaft, the resulting Paddle would be approximately 2m diameter by 3.5M long, mounted on a horizontal shaft running across the middle or the Chamber. The aim was to rotate the Paddle in a stepped manner, with precision control with  two methods of operation, continuous rotation & stepped. Continuous mode required a speed of between 0.05rpm to 4 rpm. In the stepped method the system needed to dwell at each position indefinitely, typically there would be a few hundred steps in a rotation.

Multi Axis control systems

Multi Axis control systems

Standard multi – axis control systems, XYZ and Theta axis control system built to the exacting standards of our customer, using the flexible Kinetix 300, Ultra 3000, Kinetix 2000 or 6000 bus system servo drives. Example here shows Control Logix PLC with traditional VCS interfaces. Others option include Ethernet, DeviceNet or Sercos interfaces using Control Logix, Compact Logix or SLC500 PLC, or PAC (Process Automation Controllers.)

Retro-Fit design and build work

Retro-Fit design and build work

Retro fit work, up-grading existing production equipment with servo based motion and control to increase productivity. With careful planning with production and maintenance staff, this system was in place and working over a weekend. Here cables were installed prior shut down, software developed and tested pre delivery ensuring a trouble free change over. The control of these servos were added to an existing Control Logix PLC, by simply adding a 3 axis Sercos module, and additional code.

Man Machine Controls

Man Machine Controls

Man machine operator interfaces development. Here shows the Allen Bradley 600 colour Panel View system.

Teach / Learn and playback systems

Teach / Learn and playback systems

Component manipulator to repeating multiple tasks. X,Y,Z and Q axis to position the parts, with a bespoke work head. The system uses Control Logix and an SCS developed teach and playback program.

Sorting machines

Sorting machine module

Sorting machine module, using Cognex In-Sight cameras.  Here configured for sorting spent batteries. The controller is based around the Ultra 5000 intelligent drive, also used as the ejector control.

Coil winding

Coil winding machine

Coil winding machine developed to provide multi-winding with variable pitch and length capability. The number of and speed of winds is powered by a Rockwell Nema range of brushless motor.

Torque control and monitoring

Bespoke Ultra 3000 Drive in a box, complete with start/ stop control and status lamps. BNC connections on the side allow for Torque Monitoring. Similar units made to order, call SCS for details.

Baldor BXII is used with two Copley Junus amplifiers

A complete control system for measuring the unique parameters of a customers component. Producing design proposals through to software and the build and test of the finished unit in production. Here a Baldor BXII is used with two Copley Junus amplifiers driving two ElectroCraft Brushed motors with encoder feedback.

Small control panel

Here is an example of a small control panel. We can build to existing drawings, or produce design drawings from your specifications. This included a speed monitoring circuit to release guard doors when the motor is in a stationary state.

The stem drilling control panel

A process which has been developed for drilling small deep holes using acid electrolytes. The system controls the electrolyte as its  fed through an insulated titanium tube. The tube or electrode is carefully straightened and guided into the workpiece material. The system provides a  voltage between 6 and 20 volts applied to the electrode causes anodic dissolution of the positive metal ions to take place in the gap between electrode and work piece. This voltage is periodically reversed to prevent the building up of undissolved metal ions on the electrode tip. The electrolyte is pumped down the tubes to return via a narrow gap between the tube insulation and the hole wall. The return electrolyte is filtered and re-circulated. A servo drive controls the a constant feedrate and set such that the rate of electrode advance is matches the rate of metal ion removal.

The SCS AutoInspect machine

The SCS AutoInspect machine shown here uses a Cognex Line scan vision system to inspect  top and bottom packaging labels for the correct bar code, promotional test, best before date, and use by dates.

 Rockwell Motor type H6200

Mechanical interfacing. Using the latest design tools we are able to match precisely the load inertia to the motor to obtain the optimum performance. Here we see a Rockwell Motor type H6200 direct driving a Hepco Belt linear actuator. The video below shows an application capable of operating up to speeds of 10M / Sec with acceleration / decelerations up to 5G

induction heater amplifier

Bespoke printed circuit board designs for various applications, including induction heater amplifier (shown here), interface adapters and other special purpose modules.

3 axis of Ultra Servo drives, and a Baldor multi axis controller

An example of a larger panel, built to customers designs, incorporating 3 axis of Ultra Servo drives, and a Baldor multi axis controller.

Control Logix application driving X and Z axis on a high speed simulator

Control Logix application driving X and Z axis on a high speed simulator. X Axis is configured as a master slave system. Due to the high speeds involved and fast acceleration / deceleration, shunt resistors are used to dump excessive power

Bespoke speed controller, with digital readout, remote enable

Bespoke speed controller, with digital readout, remote enable utilising the Copley 412CE brushed motor controller.

Plug in analogue positioning card with Dead band amplifier for the Copley Motion 412CE brushed amplifier.

Plug in analogue positioning card with Dead band amplifier for the Copley Motion 412CE brushed amplifier.

Electro Craft BRU

Electro Craft BRU 100 / 105 / 200 range of amplifiers to Ultra 100 / 200 amplifier kit, easily converts your existing wiring to connect into the Ultra amplifiers, utilising in many cases the same motor / feedback system.