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Welcome to our new information service provider. At SCS we deal with all forms of motion control and system integration at component and system level. We aim to provide technical information to our customers regarding new and existing products. If you have a requirement for a new application regarding any of our products, simply tick the relevant box(es) below. Once completed, please submit the form and your request will be dealt with promptly.


Servo Motors

Absolute Encoders

DC Brushed Motor Only

Absolute Encoders, Multi-Turn

DC Brushed Motor / Tacho

Absolute Encoders, Programmable

Brushless Inertia, Small Frame

Absolute Encoders, Single Turn

Brushless Low Inertia

Absolute Encoders With Interface

Brushless Medium Inertia

Incremental Encoders, Kit Type

Servo Drives

Incremental Encoders With Hollow Shaft

Incremental Encoders, Economy

Incremental Encoders, Industrial IP67

DC Brushed Drives

Industrial Counting & Control Components

DC Brushed Drives, Economy

Brushless Drives

Brushless Drives, Indexers

Adding Counters

Brushless Drives, Positioners

Control Counters

Multi-Axis Controllers

Counters In DIN Size

Gearing and linear slides

Electromagnetic Counters


Gearhead, spur

Measuring Systems

Gearhead, Planetary

Mechanical Counters

Gearhead, Low Noise

Multifunctional Counters

Gearhead, Multi-Shaft

Position Indication

Gearhead, Turn-Table

Preset Counters

Linear Slides, XYZ

Programmable Counters

Wheel Drives

PTB Approved Counters

Motion Control Systems

Repeating Counters

Revolution Counter

Subtracting Counter

Turn Key Systems


Complete Servo systems

Time Counters


Timers, Analogue and Digital


Totalising Counters  

Other (Please Specify)


Vision Systems

Labelling Inspection
Product Inspection
Line Scan

Sorting Systems

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