Compact Logix ® PLC

The Compact Logix platform will now support full motion control.










  • L43 Processor
  • 6 virtual axes.
  • 4 controlled axes and 2 feedback.
  • RSLogix programming.
  • 38 motion instructions.
  • Programs fully portable between Control Logix, SoftLogix and CompactLogix.
  • Sercos Motion optimised communications.
  • Axis Update in 0.5mS
  • 17690 L4x controllers do not require a battery - program stored in internal flash.
  • Combine Ethernet/IP, ControlNet and Devicenet networks - fits into existing plant wide network configurations.
  • Integrated Motion — Get all the benefits of Kinetix® Integrated Motion. Save time and money throughout the machine lifecycle from design and installation through operation and maintenance.
  • Common User Experience — Learn once and re-use product knowledge.