The ThrustTube modules are designed first and foremost for ease of use. These are quickly assembled to order from standard components and are ready to use axes of motion incorporating a single precision re-circulating bearing rail and linear encoder integrated with a ThrustTube motor. Included in the range is probably the world's first linear "washdown" motor module for use in wet environments, a module with integrated bellows for harsh environments as well as a high precision version verified with the latest metrology equipment.

The standard range of ThrustTube modules are based around two basic sizes of Thrust Rod, 25mm and 38mm, each with four sizes of Thrust Block available depending on the specific application needs. An extra force option (TBX) utilising an iron sleeve core provides extra useable force at the expense of some cogginess where applications allow.

An integrated enclosed encoder, commutation, cabling and cable management options plus a family of matched amplifiers and drives complete this ready to use package.